CGKA Support of the Hood River Cable Park

We need your support to make the Hood River Cable park a reality!  The first City Planning Commission meeting for the cable park is Monday, March 19th at 5:30pm in City Hall, 211 State Street.  Opposition is lining up to testify against this project and we must meet the opposition head-on if we want this amazing opportunity to happen.  This project is very important to our community, is unique for the entire west coast of the U.S., and would have a very positive effect on the quality of life for Hood River residents.

The CGKA board supports the proposed cable park in the Nichols Boat Basin. This park will benefit Hood River residents and CGKA members, providing a place to ride in no-wind conditions, introduce new riders to kiteboarding, and encourage the growth of our sport in the Gorge.

This is the closest anyone’s ever come to opening a full-size cable park on the west coast.In order to make sure the park is ready for everyone to ride next summer, all of us need to make sure the decision makers know there’s local support. We can do this by emailing and writing the City of Hood River Planning Commission and the Port of Hood River, and by attending & speaking at important upcoming meetings. These meetings will decide whether or not we get the park.

The first City Planning Commission meeting for the cable park is Monday, March 19th at 5:30pm in City Hall, 211 State Street. The dates for the second planning meeting and the Port meetings are still to be determined, but we’ll let you know about them once they’ve been scheduled.

Whether or not you can attend any of the meetings, it’s also really helpful to write an email or letter showing your support. These emails & letter are important. They’re being read by the decision makers and are a part of the public record.  We've made available to you some facts you should know about the cable park and a sample letter you can send or paraphrase. The contact information for the City Planning Department and the Port Commission is below. You should send your letters to both organizations.

City of Hood River Planning Department
P.O. Box 27
Hood River, OR 97031

Port of Hood River
1000 East Port Marina Drive
Hood River, OR 97031

We’ve spoken with the developer, Will Naito, and he is ready to provide any information you need or answer any questions you may have. The best way to reach him is via email, will [__at__] or via private message on, username: NaitoDevelopment. Together, let’s make sure Hood River gets the cable park it deserves. Sincerely, Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association