Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association

The Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association represents the kiteboarders of the Gorge and is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of safe kiteboarding access to the Columbia River.

The CGKA holds a number of work/improvement parties at the beginning of each season. The large number of volunteers who show up to work has been recognized by the governing bodies in the gorge as well as other associations like the CGWA. Some of the work we have done has simply been impressive, like the Hood River Sandbar cleanups.

Kiteboarding has come a long way in The Gorge.

This is due in part to the kiteboarding community’s accomplishments and behavior over the past few years. As an example, by doing a great job in self policing the no-fly zone in front of the Event Site as an example has earned us the right to begin asking for a change in rules. Last summer, the CGKA worked with the Port to arrange for temporary high water access for kiters at the event site and Marina.

In 2008, we got the Port of HR to allow kiteboarding at the Eventsite from October 1st through April 30th every year.

Now, you can now pump and dry your kite at the eastern end of the Eventsite all summer long.

We are a volunteer organization. Our progress is based on community help and involvement. Your dues and participation make it happen.

Look for CGKA events in 2013 and become a part of it!